Volunteers are the lifeblood of the RSPB – 12,000 brilliant people give their time, expertise and energy to helping every year. But they’ve never been asked to dress up like Robin Hood before…

That’s because Sherwood is like no other RSPB reserve … it’s unique, with a unique set of opportunities to join in and support the RSPB and its partners in their mission to both give nature a home here, and to make this a magical experience for over 350,000 visitors each year.

From connecting visitors to nature by talking about the wonderful woodland habitats and the extraordinary lives of the ancient oaks, to bringing the legend of Robin Hood to life, as well as helping to conserve this precious site for future generations to enjoy, the ways you could help are endless.

If you would like to help out, giving as little as a day a month, or a few hours here and there, we’d love you to join us. Our aim is to find a role for you that will make the most of your skills, experience and interests, and you’ll have the support of an RSPB staff line manager, with mentoring and help to develop the skills you need to do a great volunteering job.

For more information on volunteering, or to discuss a role, please email Paul Cowley at sherwoodforest@rspb.org.uk

Help give nature a home

From just £4 each month you can be part of the RSPB, with free parking and access to Sherwood Forest and over 170 other reserves nationwide, and your support will help keep nature and its habitats thriving.

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