Welcome Area

On arrival in our welcome area, you’ll find all you need to fuel your day out.

Have a browse – there’s lots to see and learn here, from the wonderful wildlife that makes its home in Sherwood Forest, to the legend of Robin Hood and his infamous gang of outlaws.

Many of our visitors choose to go-it-alone and head off to see what they can find – but if you want some inspiration, pick up a trail guide – whether you’re inspired by the great oaks or on the hunt for Robin Hood, find the trail which best suits. Whichever you choose, there’s lots to find out about the wonderful wildlife, legends and oak trees which fill the forest.

Families can also hire fun backpacks for their youngsters to help them enjoy a number of different activities, depending on the season. Speak to our staff in the welcome area to get one.

If you are interested in finding out about becoming an RSPB member, and helping protect and care for this special forest, you can ask any of our staff members around the site. Benefits include not just free parking at Sherwood, but more than 200 reserves around the country.