Weekly Wildlife

Introduction to my weekly blog!

Hello my name is Indy, and I am a young volunteer Guided Walk leader in Sherwood Forest. Welcome to an introduction of what will be a weekly sightings blog, sharing wildlife sightings from Sherwood Forest and Budby South Forest.

About Sherwood and Budby South Forest:

Sherwood Forest is a mix of woodland pasture which is open areas of woodland made up of Oak and Birch. The rest of the forest is made up of dense understory, such as brambles and bracken. Both habitats benefit different birds and wildlife.

Budby is a big lowland heathland reserve. Both sites come under a SSSI status (Site of Special Scientific Interest) which means they are specially protected for the amazing species that breed on both of them. Especially birds. Nightjars, crossbills, redstarts, woodlarks, lesser spotted woodpeckers are just some of them – and in recent years many of those species have increased in the forest thanks to the amazing conservation work the wardens and site managers have been doing, which is fantastic!

Next week I’ll bring you the first of many recent sightings blogs and fingers crossed some of the species will be featured! 🤞

Let us know what you see!

But in the mean time remember to fill in the sightings book in the Visitor centre. Leave your comments on our Facebook page and tag us in your Tweets on Twitter if you have any wildlife sighting or identification queries.


1. A stinkhorn fungus, Phallus impudicus. 2. Budby South Forest at dawn.