Daily Activities

Ever wondered what we’re doing to manage and sustain the forest, and how we’re doing it?

The RSPB and our partners are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the forest, the home it provides for nature and the experience it gives to visitors. But this doesn’t mean just leaving Mother Nature to it…

We – RSPB staff, volunteers, and our partners – must also carry out essential work to help give this ancient forest its best chance of success. So, it might surprise you to know that as well as replenishing the forest and nurturing young saplings, we’re also looking after dying and dead trees which are uniquely able to support certain insect and bird species. There’s also long-term projects aimed at re-connecting currently disjointed areas of forest and heathland – these interventions are vital to the health and future of Sherwood and its inhabitants.

You can find out what our team is up to when you visit by looking for our Daily Activity board at the visitor centre. It will say what area our wardens or volunteers are working in, what they have planned, and any special times when you can go along and find out more – even have a go, depending on the work being done. It’s a great way to discover more.