Sherwood Forest’s Future – Consultation

A Happy New Year to all of our visitors and supporters - we look forward to welcoming you here in 2019, and sharing all of our exciting plans for the 12 months ahead! Following the opening of our new visitor centre in August last year, it's been a hectic time - we've been getting used to new ways of working, welcoming some new staff members and volunteers, and introducing all of our visitors to our new home too. We're looking forward to an equally busy year ahead, with some really enjoyable events,  exciting project work and further site development - which everyone gets to have a say in! We're keen to develop the way we share our Robin Hood stories with our visitors, and want to find new and innovative ways of doing this.  It's a big and important job at Sherwood to continue the legend, and we want to do it in ways that our visitors find engaging and enjoyable.  So we're asking for your input! Please read below to find some FAQ's about the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, and how you can take part in our consultation.