Sherwood’s Super Volunteers: Meet Indy!

We have a great gang of volunteers at Sherwood and Budby South Forest! Meet Indy…

My name is Indy, I am 14 years old, and for the past year since the RSPB took over management and the new centre opened, I’ve been volunteering with the RSPB in Sherwood Forest and Budby South Forest.

When I first started at Sherwood I was part of the Welcome Team in the Visitor centre. It felt like I was starting at a new school as I was quite nervous. I didn’t need to be as it was a lot of fun.

Indy out and about, and taking part in the Youth Climate Strikes

After a few months on the Welcome Team I felt that my calling was Guided Walks. Talking visitors on a tour through the forest. Pointing out any wildlife we see on the way, be it birds, bugs, bees, mammals, but most importantly what makes Sherwood so incredibly special, the trees.

Sherwood Forest is famously known as a SSSI (site of special scientific interest) for the 997 Ancient Oak Trees that live in it (ancient being over 400 years old). 997 is the biggest collection of Ancient Oak Trees in Western Europe which is absolutely awesome! Considering that oaks support over 700 different species its vital that we do our upmost to protect them.

Being able to share my love for wildlife and having the chance to learn more about it has and always will be purely brilliant and I am so grateful to be able to do what I do in the mighty Sherwood Forest.

Indy taking part in the weekly Budby South Forest work parties!

Anyway, that’s the moderately easy part of my volunteering. The hard work starts on Budby. On Budby I am part of a committed group of like minded volunteers taking part in practical tasks set by our lovely leader Chloe. Bracken and bramble clearing, fencing repairs, putting up signs, taking part in surveys, you name it we’ve done it! All in the name of conservation.

No matter what the weather we are out there! Whether that makes us committed or crazy, I’ll let you decide! Either way it’s always amazing just like the biscuits! 😋