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What: The 12th Night
Dates: 4th January, 2020
– 5th January, 2020
Times: 11am - 3pm
Price: Free, with a small charge for making a crown.

This event has now passed.

The 12th Night

Bring your festive celebrations to a close with the outlaws of Sherwood!

Wassailing is a traditional medieval way to greet the New Year, drinking to its good health.

Join us for 12th night parade to the Major Oak from 1pm on Sunday 5th January. Bring your pots and pans to join in with our rough band once more.

The Holly Queen, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham will lead us from the Visitor Centre to the Major Oak. Can we make enough noise to scare of the evil forest spirits?

We shall drink good health to the Major Oak in a Wassailing ceremony before the Sheriff’s amnesty ends, sending Robin Hood and his outlaws back to their forest hideouts. Who knows what will happen when the Sheriff gets back his authority!

Craft your own tree crown so that you can feel like forest royalty!

Event Details:

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 January, 11am – 3pm. Please note, a small charge will apply to make a crown.