Event details

What: Have-a-Go Archery
Dates: 30th July, 2022
– 31st July, 2022
Price: £5 for 6 arrows

Have-a-Go Archery

In Robin Hood’s day, your skill with a bow and arrow could mean the difference between freedom and being cast into the Sheriff of Nottingham’s dungeon.

Today, you can find out what it takes to develop the accuracy and power to loose an arrow and hit your target.

These brilliant quickfire have-a-go archery sessions take place under the tuition and coaching of qualified instructors, so you will quickly develop the techniques you would have needed to run with the outlaws and repel the Sheriff’s forces in Sherwood Forest centuries ago.

No need to book!

Not recommended for children aged three and under.

Please note that this event could be cancelled in the event of bad weather.