Countdown to opening

We are almost there… just a few more weeks to wait until you can come and see our new visitor centre!

Firstly, a huge thank you for your patience, as the next few weeks are going to be really busy for everyone involved at Sherwood Forest – which means a reduced service for our visitors for a short while.

Here’s how the change over from the old centre to the new will affect operations until the middle of August.

23 July

Closure of current visitor centre. Public toilets and a limited refreshment offer will be provided close to the current visitor centre throughout the transition period.

31 July

Closure of the current playground.

1 August

Management of Country Park and facilities transfers to the RSPB consortium.


New visitor centre and playground opens and current car park closes.

There will be restricted access to some pathways directly around the current visitor centre once it is closed. These will be clearly signed. Access to the wider forest and the Major Oak will still be possible.

There will be no parking charges between 23 July and the middle of August. Parking will continue in the current car park until the new centre opens.

You can also park in the new main visitor centre car park off Swinecote Road throughout this period.